Top 15 Angular Interview Questions – 2021

  1. What is  $rootscope in angular and how to relate with $scope?
  2. What is factory and difference between factory and services?
  3. How to implement nested views using angular ui route?
  4. What is $qservices, deferred and promises and explain?
  5. Which type of naming convention used for custom directive?
  6. How to implement Spa using angular ui route?
  7. Di benefits in angular?
  8. Injection dependency and working methodology in angularjs?
  9. Ways to make http get and post calls in angularjs?
  10. Possibility of decrease digest cycle time and can we run manually?
  11. Need of @ngmodule?
  12. Explain components and directive w.r.t angular 2?
  13. Event emitters and codelyzer with working methodology?
  14. Promises and observables in angular 2?
  15. Different b/w constructors and ngoninit?