Top 20 DevOps Interview Questions(Git) – 2019


1. what is git ?
2. what is difference between git and github and gitlab?
3. any other version control tools other git?
4. what is difference between svn and git?
5. what is merge conflicts have you faced ever in you experience? if you face how you resolve?
6. what is git stash?
7. what is git HEAD?
8. what is staging area in git?
9. what is difference between git fetch and pull and clone?
10. what is difference between git merge and rebase?
11. what is .gitingnore file? what is the purpose of the file?
12. what is git branch? have you worked on branches?
13. how to merge branches?
14. what is cherrypic in git?
15. how to create a git project?
16. how to check difference in between two files?
17. how edit the committed message?
18. how to check the last few commits?
19. how to delete remote baranch and local branch?
20. how to create local branch?
21. what is tag?
22. how to roll back committed code?

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