Java 2018 Latest Interview questions

Recent Java Interview Questions – 2021

  1. What’s the difference between class diagram and sequence diagram?
  2. How many types of design patterns are available?
  3. What’s the use UML diagram?
  4. How to create singleton design Pattern?
  5. Which tool is used to create UML diagram?
  6. What’s Immutable object?
  7. How to create custom Immutable class?
  8. What’s the difference between String and StringBuffer?
  9. What’s the difference between Factory and AbstractFactory?
  10. What’s the use of JUnit?
  11. What are the annotations are available in JUnit testing?
  12. What are the assert methods are available in Assert class in Junit?
  13. What’s difference b/w JUnit and TestNG?
  14. What’s the use of finally block?
  15. Can we use try with finally block?
  16. If we use System.exit in catch block finally will execute or not?
  17. What’s Serialization?
  18. What’s marker interface?
  19. What’s the use of marker interface?
  20. What’s the difference between wait and sleep?
  21. What’s the use of notify and notifyAll?
  22. What’s the difference between ArrayList and LinkedList?
  23. What’s the use of namespace?
  24. Can we use the private Constructor?
  25. What’s Constructor overloading?
  26. What’s runtime polymorphism?
  27. What’s static binding and dynamic binding?
  28. What’s the use of transient keyword?
  29. What are the steps to connect DB using JDBC?
  30. What’s the difference between statement and prepared statement?
  31. What’s your day to day activity?
  32. Does Java support call by value or call by reference?

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