Java 2018 Latest Interview questions

Recent Java Interview Questions – 2021

  1. What’s encapsulation and example and advantages?
  2. What’s Abstraction?
  3. Explain interface and polymorphism?
  4. Explain Serialization and write the program?
  5. What’s marker interface?
  6. How to clone the object?
  7. Draw exception hierarchy?
  8. Explain synchronized block and method?
  9. Can we override main method? If we override which method will be invoked by jvm?
  10. Write the program to sort the given integer array?
  11. Difference between String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder?
  12. How to create the new thread and write the program?
  13. Explain Dynamic binding?
  14. Difference between overloading and overriding?
  15. What’s the use of concurrent packages?
  16. How to create the custom exception?
  17. Exception handling hierarchy?
  18. Whats the use of finally block?
  19. When the finally block will not execute?
  20. When we have go for IS-A relationship and has-A relationship?
  21. Draw the XML notation for association composition?
  22. Write the code for reflection?
  23. Difference between HashMap and HashTable?
  24. What’s generics and write the example for generic method?
  25. Advantages of generics?
  26. How to join two threads?
  27. Write the code to solve producer and consumer issue?
  28. Write the code for builder design pattern?
  29. What’s design principles?
  30. Whats enum? Can we create the method and constructor inside the enum?
  31. Can we override the static method?
  32. Can we create the enum, inside and outside of the class?
  33. Difference between throw and throws keyword?
  34. Different types of annotation in java?
  35. Whats the use of volatile keyword?
  36. What’s the use of transient keyword?
  37. Explain Object oriented design principles?

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