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Python Training in Electronic City

Let eMexo Technologies Best Python Training in Electronic City, Bangalore take you from the fundamentals of Python to Advance Python Training and make you an expert in developing real-time Python applications. Here are the major topics we cover under this Python course Syllabus,Introduction to Python,Beginning Python Basics,Python Program Flow,Functions& Modules,Exceptions Handling,File Handling,Classes In Python,Generators and iterators,Data Structures,Collections,Advanced Concepts – Intro to NumPy and Pandas,Writing GUIs in Python (Tkinter),Python SQL Database Access,Network Programming,Date and Time,Few more topics in-detailed,Regular expression,Threads,Django,Accessing API. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical ways with examples.

All the topics will be covered with Practical and hands-on training for our Python Course in Electronic City. Our trainers have industry experience with live project experience in cutting edge technologies that they teach. We hire only Best Python industry specialists as a trainer for our Python Training in Electronic City.

If you are looking for Python Training in Electronic City eMexo Technologies is the Best Python Training Institute in Electronic City. Come over to our training institute for a free demo class. Let our trainer give you a demo on Python and only then you take the decision to enroll into the training program.

Python Training Institute in Electronic City Features

Expert Instructors
60 hours of Instructor led Classes. Weekend class:20 sessions of 3 hours each and Weekday class: 30 sessions of 2 hours each.
Real Life Case Studies
Do a real life case study to understand the usage on real world scenarios.
Each class will be followed by practical assignments which can be completed before the next class.
Demo Class
Register today for a demo class to experience our teaching methodologies first hand and it’s completely free






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Regular Fee : 15000/-

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What is Python?

Python is a very simple, extremely powerful and cross-platform programming language that is rapidly growing in popularity and being used in many different ways in industries. python is a high level programming language, with python you get to enjoy all the benefits they are using any high level programming language brings you. Python is Dynamic, Readability, Interpreted and Multi -Paradigm programming language.

Dynamic – Python is a language with dynamic type system, this means that any type check in a programming language happens at run time instead of at compile time.

Readability – Python is huge emphasis on the code readability, you can be very pleasant experience in reading and writing other python code.

Interpreted – This provides very powerful prototyping and live coding opportunities and can also aid in live debugging efforts.

Multi -Paradigm – Python directly supports both object oriented and structural oriented programming, it also embraces many functional programming concepts.

Python provides the lot of frameworks, DJANGO for Web Development, TENSORFLOW for Artificial Intelligence, SCIPY for Scientific Computations and PYQT for cross-platform Desktop Applications. The current latest version of python is python 3.


Why should you take Python Course in Electronic City?

Python is powerful, expressive and productive language. This main factor is python is growing in popularity. According to the recent stack overflow analysis python is quickly overtaking other programming language like Java, C#,C++ and PHP. According to PYPL(Popularity of Programming Language Index) Python is the most popular programming language growing as much as popularity over the last year alone. Python has the highest spectrum ranking according to the recent IEEE spectrum report. In the TIOBE index python is in the top 5 in the programming language.

With python you can build Web Apps, Desktop Apps, do Scientific computation, Cloud configuration, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligent Software,even home automation software. At the end of the course you will know the basics and advance python modules, and be ready to develop applications on your own.

Python Consistently ranks most popular programming language in the developer community. Python is hugely popular and it has a great community to support you when you run into a trouble.


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Google Review of Our Students

    5 star review  I would like to share my experience with eMexo Technologies that I started in January last year. Firstly, I received a kind call from a team member of eMexo Technologies and scheduled my visit to receive a detailed information about the Python course. I decided to divert my career into Software development, and I was recommended a Python course that included key training needed for software development. I have now completed two training, that included Python and Data Science course. The courses were very informative, to the point! I loved the approach of the trainers and their patience explaining every unclear detail. I highly recommend this training facility as it will most certainly open the door into new career for everyone!

    thumb Edward Alwin

    5 star review  I took core java course from Mr. Regu in eMexo. The small batch size ensured individual attention and because of the trainer's experience in the industry, all the hands-on was done according to the industry's coding standards. Regu keeps telling what all is important for interviews while teaching and he took out time just for me and had one-to-one sessions when I had an important interview. He ensures that everyone has understood the concept well and repeats as many times as you ask him. Other than teaching the language really well, he also keeps giving insights of the industry which really helps! Overall experience was really good.

    thumb Namrata Joshi

    5 star review  Hello...I'm undergoing core java course from eMexo Technologies... Regu is a very good trainer..he explains all the core Java concepts very clearly and slowly so that a non-technical person can also understand.. He never hesitated to explain me things even thrice or more than that..if I'm not clear with the concept.. Regu was available whenever I need help in any of the concepts.. Thank you so much Regu😊

    thumb Jayapriya Jemita


What makes Python so Amazing?

Automation – you can develop automation jobs using python. For example automating on boarding task like parsing CSV file for every 30 mins or doing some regular server maintenance.

Science – You can develop complex scientific calculations in graph using python.

Desktop – You can develop cross platform desktop applications using python and pyqt.

Android – You can develop android applications using python.

Web – You can develop web Applications using Django and Flask. for simple one use Flask and complex applications use Django. Django is a famous web framework.

Machine Learning – Do you want to develop an applications that’s automatically going to recognize the pictures and categorize them, its a dog or cat or something else then using Machine Learning we can do it. Python provide excellent set of libraries.


What are the Prerequisites for python Training in Electronic City?

No prerequisites are required for learning python Course. If you have basic knowledge of any programming language a plus but not required. Our python Training in Electronic City is designed by industry experts that it goes step – wise from beginner to advance level.


IEEE Spectrum’s Ranking of the top programming languages in 2019

Python Training in Electronic City

Python Course Completion Certificate


We at eMexo believe nothing beats a hands-on practice when it comes to learning a concept. Our teaching methodology is 100% practical hands-on oriented. You learn a concept, you practice it then and there with the trainer. We also give you assignments for each topic which you can practice at home and any doubts regarding the topic can be cleared with the trainer next day.
We generally cover our courses in 30 hours, however, we are aware that we can’t put a hard-stop to learning with a number. Our trainer will make sure that you have learned everything that is part of the curriculum. This could mean 28 hours or 35 hours, doesn’t matter.
We have industry standard course material which is used by our trainers to train you. At the end of the training apart from the notes which you have taken during the course, we will also provide you with the training material which was used. This training material includes the training content, interview questions etc.
Our trainers are working professionals who work in MNC’s. They are the expert in their domain and they know exactly what an interviewer looks into a candidate. Our expert trainers apart from sharing the interview questions they will also conduct mock interviews to help you prepare for the real interview.
Our trainers are industry experts who work in their respective technologies day in day out. They work in MNC’s and are technology experts within their organisation.
We maintain a strict batch size of maximum 5 students. We also provide exclusive one to one training as well. Talk to our training partner to get more details.
Yes, at the end of training we provide a certification of completion.
Yes, we provide fast-track training as well for those who want to complete the course faster. The curriculum and the total hours required to complete the course will remain same. However, the trainer will be spending more hours with you to complete the course.
Our trainers are expert professionals in their organisations and they often act as the interviewer to hire new candidates. Our trainers will help you prepare your resume with industry standards. After all, they know exactly what to look in a resume.
We provide both regular and weekend training. Talk to our training partner to learn more about the timings.
Yes, apart from doing the hands-on practice our trainer will also be taking a real-world project and work with you for the implementation.
If you miss a class the content of that class will be taught to you again. With us you might miss a class but not the content.
Yes, absolutely! Talk to our training counsellor on phone at 9513216462 or email us at info@emexotechnologies.com to arrange for a free demo. You can also fill in the contact us form below and we will call you to discuss your training requirements.
Have Questions? Call our Course Advisor for discussing Curriculum Details – +91 9513216462

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    Our trainers are best of best in the teaching world. eMexo Technologies goes through rigorous process before appointing a trainer for a course. The trainers are evaluated not only on their knowledge on of the subject but also their practical experience in real world applications. All our trainers are working professionals working in MNC's like Google, Microsoft, Siemens, CTS, TCS, HCL, Infosys etc. They bring in wealth of knowledge with their exposure to real time projects. Which is passed on to the students! Our emphasis is on real-time practical hands on experience and we strive hard to achieve that. - Having atleast 7+ Years of industry Experience. - Strong Theoretical and Hands on practical Knowledge. - Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications. - Trainers have Experienced on multiple real-time projects in their respective domain. - Have handled multiple batches of students.

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